Ambler 250

Ambler 250 is an electric vehicle with more than 75 km per Charge. and 150+ loading Capacity.

INR 49,999.00


MS Alloy

With Lifetime Warranty

Motor & Battery

36V 250W BLDC

36v, 18 & 24 Ah LFP / NMC Battery


75 Kms + with

Pure Electric

Wheel Size

20″ x 300

Nylon Tyres

Versatile and Convenient

Versatile and Convenient: Electric 2-wheelers are ideal for short-distance commutes and offer a convenient, low-cost alternative to traditional vehicles. They are easy to park, maneuver, and operate, making them an ideal choice for navigating busy city streets and crowded parking lots.

The Perfect
Balance with Environment

One of the key benefits of Ambler 250 is their environmentally friendly operation. They produce zero emissions and require significantly less energy to operate than traditional Petrol-powered vehicles, making them a great choice for reducing your carbon footprint.